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ASLEK Services

Our Community dept. works with the population of DRC face-to-face providing free services like school programs, public education on Epilepsy, fundraising and community awareness campaigns.

This means if you live in the Democratic Republic of Congo are either have Epilepsy - or have someone in your life that is suffering from the condition - you can contact us for direct support.

We hear not only from people living with Epilepsy, but others who are experiencing the condition through another person. This can include Parents, Partners, Family, Friends, and other loved ones... but also people like teachers, co-workers, medical staff - and even just people who want to learn about the condition. So we offer:

- Support services for people with Epilepsy

- Support services to people experiencing Epilepsy via another

- Support services to Employers, Teachers and the public

- To run free educational & awareness events in...



*Public forums

- To run fundraising events to assist people with Epilepsy in DRC


Our ONLINE DEPT. provides the same support services we offer to the community at ground level - but is provided online so people who may not be able to travel (often an issue with Epilepsy) can have some kind of avenue to access support for their condition.

On top of the support services we offer normally, our Online dept. is responsible for our Awareness, Educational and Fundraising activities online. That means we can offer services in some format to the whole of DRC and anyone that may be in need who can access online. This provides a free avenue to acces support when in most cases the journey for help is a long, lonely road.


We also lobby via campaigns for equality and education via our online platforms. This includes:

- Raising Awareness via educational campaigns to raise knowledge about Epilepsy in DRC.

- Helping to eliminate myths and stigmas surrounding the condition

- Letting the world know about the specific issues faced by those with Epilepsy in DRC

Our Corporate Dept. handles our foundation liasons and enquiries. Handled by our CEO directly, organisations such as Charities, Medical bodies, Support groups, Government organisations and more can contact us for swift contact with our CEO.

As a member of the international Epilepsy Connections Affiliated group - we have contacts with other organisations all over the world - and work on collaborative campaigns for things like Awareness, Fundraising in DRC, Community education (and more) on a global scale.

If you are part of an Epilepsy related organisation you can contact our Corporate dept. to enquire about things like current ASLEK campaigns or services that may help your group, to ask about a joint campaign or fundraiser for your organisation, or connect with us to help run an Epilepsy campaign your group is currently / thinking of running to hep Epilepsy in DRC.

Corporate enquiries are responded to quickly, by our CEO, and have complete confidentuaity. Contact us today to work with ASLEK on a cause for Epilepsy - or to enquire if ASLEK can support a cause you are already running.

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