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ASLEK fundraiser for Epileptic children to access schoolbooks.

Updated: Nov 16, 2018

Children with Epilepsy are denied government educational funding so these costs mean they often go without education.

ASLEK was founded by Dr Prince Kazaadi and works with some of the poorest and most under-privileged sections of his community. He and his foundation have currently teamed up with Epilepsy Connections (ECA: to raise funds for children in DR Congo who do not have access to schoolbooks.

"In the Democratic Republic of Congo children with Epilepsy are seen as a 'loss of investment' of public funds so are not entitled to school funding or education unless it is payed for in full by family."

In a country with very high rates of poverty - families already struggling with just the medical costs of a child with Epilepsy often cannot afford educational costs as well. So often children with Epilepsy are left without being able to gain an education, something that will impact them for the rest of their lives.

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It is bad enough that many of these kids will grow up in a country where Epilepsy will dramatically reduce their life options, where they will be stigmatised by a society full of recurrent myths, and government health care is severely lacking meaning they will find treatment for their condition costly and difficult to access for their whole lives...

But to also condemn them to the devastating effects of a lack of education? Dr Kazadi and his foundation along with ECA believe that this is just too much to punish these kids with.

How you can help make a difference:

By providing a schoolbook fundraiser campaign for Epileptic children in the D.R of Congo, it will mean many kids who could previously NOT AFFORD the full costs of education will be able to take part in schooling and gain a better chance - not be condemned to a life effected by both disability AND a lack of education and opportunity.

Just a few dollars can buy a book for part of an Epileptic child's education - we are only aiming for a small goal to start this campaign in a single province - and hopefully expand campaigns via the ASLEK charity thereafter.

Please help us get a great start in giving kids living with Epilepsy & poverty a better finish. Visit our GoFundMe campaign today!

Campaign manged by: *Paul Lang: CEO / Founder for ECA *Dr Prince Kazaadi: CEO / Founder for ASLEK

Email enquiries can be sent to: ASLEK CEO - Dr Prince Kazadi at "" ECA CEO - Paul Lang at ""

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