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ASLEK organized 3 purple days on a private basis in 2016, 2017 and 2018 and we subsequently worked on two original articles the first spoke about the stigmatization of epilepsy in the Democratic Republic of Congo and its consequences in the population concerned and the second article speaks about the management of epilepsy in rural areas in the Democratic Republic of Congo. All these two articles are published on the journal ameej based in Morocco.

Dr PRINCE KAZADI will be the key and lead person in the implementation of this project. Dr PRINCE KAZADI who founded ASLEK in 2015. For example, PRINCE’s maternal uncle had 4 children with 2 who had epilepsy that later died in fire due to seizures. Also, his school guardian’s son called Josephine had epilepsy and died due to drowning in a stream near their compound. Currently, Dr. PRINCE has 02 of his nieces each with a child that has epilepsy while his first maternal cousin has a daughter with epilepsy.

The project will entail carrying out a media sensitization campaign, sketch and drama video productions on epilepsy and the purple Day 2019. This will involve carrying out 02 radio interviews on epilepsy and about the purple day in English and French languages. The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC radio) using their radio program – Focus on Africa will carry out one in English. This is because BBC has a wider coverage in Africa and most people listen to the program. It also has a BBC reporter in Democratic Republic of CONGO. A Pan African Television channel called Africa media will carry out the other interviews live both in the radio and television in both English and French languages. Additionally, an African wide call-in-live program will be organized whereby people from different countries in Africa will call in and ask questions about epilepsy or the purple day and answers provided. Africa Media is a radio and television channel that has a wider coverage in Africa which will help to facilitate the awareness raising campaign.

Key messages about epilepsy and/or the purple day will be developed both in English and French and broadcast on Africa media news bar for news viewers to be able to read. For example, one of such key messages would be calling on the African governments on the continent to implement the WHO Resolution 68.20 on epilepsy. Radio and Television slots/spot on epilepsy and/or the purple day will be developed and played over the radios (BBC and Africa media) and the television of Africa media in English and French languages to alert or prepare people’s minds about the event.

An article or interview on Epilepsy/purple day will be developed and published on a print media called jeune Afrique magazine. Jeune Afrique Magazine is one of the widely read newspapers in the African continent.  Princo kazadi’s face book page will be used to post messages about the purple day’s theme and/or logo of the purple day while video productions will be published on You Tube and links shared on various social media platforms such as face book and twitter.

A sketch titled “Drumming against epilepsy in Africa” will be produced and posted on YouTube and epilepsy foundation in the Dem. Rep of Congo face book page to increase awareness.


"It has been an absolute pleasure and my personal privilege to work with Dr Kazaadi and see the amazing work he does in one of the most difficult places in the world to fight for Epilepsy. His passion, resolve and absolute determination is an inspiration and I consider him not only a colleague - but a valued friend.

If people care about not just Epilepsy... but those in the world suffering and have no avenues for help - this is a great man to support. Myself and my foundation give our full support to ASLEK, this campaign, and Dr. Prince Kazaadi himself."

Contact details: -You can obviously use the designated donate functions provided on the GoFundMe platform. But also...

- You can visit the ASLEK website at: - Via Facebook: - You can email ASLEK at:

- You can also contact the Epilepsy Connections foundation via *website "" *email "" *Facebook ""

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