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You can donate to aslek today via secure formats

Updated: Nov 14, 2018

ASLEK is now able to accept online donations via Credit card and PayPal services with our new online donation system!

By using only trusted providers with secure networks we can assure the public that not only are donations 100% private and financial data guaranteed secure, but also donations are all passed on in full directly to our foundation or any related fundraiser we are running. This gives people donating to us the confidence of knowing payments are processed via the secure PayPal system, plus the convenience of several online payment options.

You can assist with the vital work being done for Epilepsy in the Democratic Republic of Congo and make a real difference with the impact we have and the services we can provide for those in need.

Simply follow the below link to our secure payment platform - any and all donations are greatly appreciated - be they big or small!

Simply follow the link to our secure PayPal donation account:

“People often worry about making donations online due to security concerns. ASLEK's new donation systems utilise only 100% secure payment formats from the best online providers like PayPal. So people can be sure their financial details are safe.”

We also run promotional fundraisers via GoFundMe so people from all over the world can help fight for Epilepsy in the Democratic Republic of Congo - at the simple click of a button. You can check out our latest campaign to raise fund to purchase schoolbooks for children with Epilepsy living in poverty at:

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