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ASLEK is a 100% non-profit charity organisation that offers free Support, Educational, Awareness and Community services. We are active with the Epilepsy community within the Democratic Republic of Congo, but also operate on a global basis online, in junction with other International Epilepsy Charities.

Our goal is to achieve equality for people living with Epilesy in DRC. We hope that providing support, educating the public & raising awarenes, plus lobbying for better conditions from government we can achieve that goal... so that people who are so often left behind and refused opportunities for a fair life are given the chances they deserve for a real life.

A Quote from our Founder and CEO Dr. Prince Kazadi:

"Hello dear all... our association against the stigmatisation of epilepsy in the Democratic Republic of Congo has as battle song - the education of the population on the knowledge of epilepsy because this disease is very poorly known. people suffering with epilepsy are almost abandoned to their plight and often victims of social discrimination, educational blocks, professional discrimination and ESPECIALLY children. All this leads to consequences of a life lacking fairness or opportunity. 

people often suffer from epilepsy in my country because epileptics can not study or work and this disease is dogged by myths - religious & social -and is considered a curse or bad luck. The few epileptic children we have tried to support are up to our total load, and have not had much luck gaining school supplies so far. this deprives us here at ASLEK of sleep for we care so much... and we just ask all who can help us, to support us for the good of those who have the right to life. we say thank you in advance."

Our Foundation consists of 3 main departments each with specific goals and mandates.

1) Our Community dept. works with the population of DRC face-to-face providing free services like school programs, public education on Epilepsy, fundraising and community awareness campaigns.


2) Our Online dept. offers free support online to both sufferers and families dealing with Epilepsy. It is also responsible for our international awareness campaigns and fundraisers for Epilepsy within DRC.


3) Our Corporate dept. (run by our CEO directly) handles our collaborative work with other charities and foundations across the world. It also handles any work we may be doing with Government or Medical organisations both at home and internationally. This helps Connect Epilepsy within the Democratic Republic of Congo to the world's information and help through global collaborations.

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