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As a doctor who witnesses the devastating effect that Epilepsy has on people within the DRC - I decided to open a foundation to help those in my country... and show our plight to the world.” - Dr. Prince Kazadi

Helping Epilepsy in the Democratic Republic of Congo


Aslek was founded by Dr Prince Kazadi to provide support to people and families living with Epilepsy in the DRC. We are a non-profit charity that offers support, awareness and community services.


Living with Epilepsy in the DRC is very difficult due to a lack of health care services - plus Government regulations that restrict people with Epilepsy from receiving vital funding (like education) that is openly available to the rest of the public.


We hope that by providing free support (to sufferers and families), offering educational programs in schools and the community, combined with active campaigns on awareness and fundraising to support those in need - we can make a huge difference to the lives of people with Epilepsy AND their families struggling for a fair chance in the Democratic Republic of Congo.


Helping raise Awareness in the Community


ASLEK works tirelessly to help raise Awareness in the community by providing free Educational programs for both schools and the public. There are many stigmas and myths surrounding Epilepsy in the DRC - both social and religious.

These stigma's often mean people in the community with the condition are shunned, not given opportunities for work or education, and often suffer physical, sexual and psychological abuse from families and by the public alike.

Come see some of the valuable work we are providing in schools to help break these myths in our youth - in this case running a "Purple day" event for a local primary school.

Supporting people with Epilepsy & their families


In a country where so often help for disabilities is hard to find, and even impossible to access in some cases... Epilepsy places such a strain on not just sufferers themselves - but also their families.

Parents often have to decide between affording their child's medication, sending them to school or going without meals.

Government regulations (that we hope to change) don't allow people with Epilepsy access to normal funding available to the rest of the public for things like education, training and health care - meaning many people simply cant access these vital services at all.

You can help ASLEK make vital changes and offer support to ensure those living with Epilepsy aren't left behind by society.

Based in D.R of Congo - globally recognised


ASLEK is based specifically in the Democratic Republic of Congo. We work at ground level, face-to-face with the Epilepsy Community and some of the most disadvantaged people in our country.

This means we understand the specific problems that occur in DRC relating to Epilepsy: be it health care, education, work, social isolation, abuse and violence or other factors.

We are also registered with and supported by Epilepsy Connections Affiliated - a global Epilepsy Charities Foundation that registers and promotes Epilepsy Organisations worldwide.

This gives us Connections to other global charities whom we often work in conjunction with on joint campaigns. So we can take the problems on the ground and access support worldwide.

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